Why Is There No School Tomorrow?

I was asked this earlier today and realized that this would be a great way to explain the answer to this question in more detail. Although tomorrow has been scheduled as an in-service day since the calendar was first released last spring, I had more than one parent tell me that they did not realize that tomorrow was an in-service day. To help with this I asked students to remind their parents in announcements EVERY day last week. Of course we also posted it on our website, put it in Notes Home, and even sent a reminder email out about this to make sure that NO students showed up tomorrow morning to a dark school with no teachers!
This is the first time we have had an in-service day in the middle of a quarter since I have been head of school. The faculty of Brainerd Baptist School is actually attending the Tennessee Association of Independent Schools Biennial Conference. This is a unique opportunity that Brainerd Baptist School has not taken advantage of in several years. TAIS rotates the location of their conference between the cities of Memphis, Nashville and Chattanooga. This means that once every 6 years our city has the privilege of hosting this event. The Baylor School is hosting the event this year and over 900 teachers from the 54 different schools are attending. Member schools are encouraged to send their entire faculties when the conference is held in our city. To this end, Brainerd Baptist joined with St. Peters, St. Nicholas, Baylor, Bright, Boyd Buchanan, Hickory Valley and other schools across the state to send our entire faculty to this event.
So why is it important that your child's teacher be at this event and not at school tomorrow? The mark of great school is it's faculty. The Brainerd Baptist School Board of Trustees is committed to investing in our faculty. We want every member of our faculty to show a commitment to continuous education. Your child's teachers spent today (Sunday) listening to Pat Bassett, president of NAIS speak about the future of education and then went to two breakout sessions dealing with topics that pertain to instruction. Tommorrow, they will hear another breakout session and then attend 4 breakout sessions on various topics. We also had 3 teachers who were selected to present at the conference as well. I hope this commitment to excellence excites you as your child's teacher learns ways to better instruct your child!